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A new way to embrace the Catholic intellectual tradition

The Catholic Studies Graduate Program from the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest and largest Catholic Studies program in the world. And it’s now offered online. It is a transformative opportunity to engage with the Catholic faith intellectually, while enriching your life, work, and sense of purpose.

A unique, interdisciplinary curriculum

Informed by a belief in the unity of knowledge, we bring multiple disciplines – theology, philosophy, history, literature, science and art – into every course. Your online journey may take you to the apse mosaic in Rome’s San Clemente church one week, and to the pages of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” the next. This reveals how “Christ is all, and in all” (Col. 3:11) – in the wisdom you seek, in the work you choose, and in the actions you take.

An internationally recognized, joyfully Catholic faculty

Guided by Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s idea of a university, our program is designed to foster the intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth of students. You’ll study under the guidance of nationally and internationally recognized teacher-scholars, in a contemporary online learning environment. Our program provides both lecture and seminar course formats, virtual office hours, and ongoing discussion and debate throughout the semester, providing students with opportunities for rich and meaningful conversation about things that matter.

Community and conversation through seminar-style learning

Our online classes use contemporary teaching tools to foster a sense of community, connection, and conversation. Faculty videos prepare students to read well and to reflect on what they have read. These videos, together with students’ personal study, prepare faculty and students to explore course material together. Through weekly written and video assignments, students and faculty exchange ideas and seek answers to big questions. Twice-monthly, synchronous small-group meetings provide opportunities to share insights in real time. In addition, our faculty offer virtual office hours for informal conversation. Blended courses include workshops in Sitzmann Hall (encouraged, but not required), and all online students are invited to attend on-campus events throughout the semester.

Preparation for a life well lived

Catholicism is animated from its core by the self-gift of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God. We help students see how the reality of Christ’s self-gift holds profound meaning in every aspect of human experience. Because of this, our students are drawn from many walks of life. Our students are teachers, doctors, businesspeople, parents, empty-nesters, and those just getting started in exploring their life’s vocation. Some are pursuing a career within the Catholic Church or preparing for doctoral studies, while others are simply looking to explore their faith in a rigorous and supportive academic context. They all find that gaining a deeper understanding of the Catholic tradition helps them grow in knowledge and purpose.

An international study opportunity

While our program is offered online, students have the opportunity to spend a semester studying in Rome at the Dominican Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (the Angelicum). Up to three courses may be taken there and applied to the degree program as electives. Graduate students may apply to live at University of St. Thomas' Bernardi Residence, just a short walk from the Vatican.

Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition per course for the Catholic Studies Graduate program is $2,572.50 ($857.50 per credit). A Masters of Arts in Catholic Studies is 11 courses (10 courses + a Master’s essay).

Other costs to consider include:

  • A technology fee each semester
  • Cost for books
  • Optional campus parking permits

The St. Thomas Catholic Studies Graduate Program offers a variety of options to help students finance their education based on areas of interest and personal goals.

Non-degree seeking Catholic Studies students pay a reduced rate of $1,929 per course ($634 per credit).

Fill out an RFI form to speak to one our enrollment coaches about your financial aid options.

Share in the University of St. Thomas experience

Community is a hallmark of Catholic Studies at St. Thomas. As you engage online, using the best in contemporary teaching tools, your connections with faculty and fellow students will shape your Catholic Studies MA experience. Our fully online courses provide a rich and supportive learning environment, while our hybrid courses give students the opportunity to come to campus for immersive study and shared worship in beautiful Sitzmann Hall.

Take the first step today

The opportunity to study online makes it easy for you to join a vibrant community of students in a deep exploration of Catholic thought and culture. We invite you to learn more about this unique interdisciplinary program and to begin your Catholic Studies journey online with the University of St. Thomas.

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